Saturday, November 5, 2011

Society Saturday - Genealogy Boot Camp

On October 15, 2011 the Ohio Genealogical Society's library in Bellville, OH was turned in to Camp Isaly.  This was going to be a Genealogy Boot Camp for beginners and intermediate researchers.  Oh what fun we had!  As the Master Sergeant in charge for the day, my special staff appeared in military like attire for the day. 

Our Drill Sergeant was Jean Barnes, a former Trustee of OGS, who gave the "troops" their orders of the day.  After the troops received their "orders of the day" they were then processed.  They were given their supplies that consisted of folders, notebooks, special engraved pencils (they had Camp Isaly - OGS on them) and, of course, their dogtags! 

Three sessions were held during the day dealing with How to Being and Vital Records; Census; and Internet.  After each session there was a General Research Drill (GRD) in the library so that these new recruits could also learn the basics of researching.  So much time was alloted for each GRD.  To recall the recruits to the classroom, bugle calls were played loud and clear much to the surprise of all of them!  Of course, no basic training is complete without being fed.  Mess call consisted of sloppy joes, veggies, chips and salad.  No one went away hungry from that lunch!  After the first session of the afternoon, the recruits were treated to dessert - a variety of pies from a local restaurant.  There were 34 new recruits for the day and all went home asking for more events like they just had.  They all appreciated the GRD's in the library instead of just having a workshop. 

A General Research Drill (GRD) in progress
Camp Isaly recruits learning how to use the library resources

Back in the classroom

Staff Sergeant Susan Zacharias with her recuirts - the 611th Researchers

Wally Huskonen - our Civilian Consultant for the day

Pies - Pies - Pies

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  1. What a creative and wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)