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Today, as my husband and I celebrate our 53rd anniversary, I reflect back on how long our ancestors were married. I compiled a list of anniversaries three years ago for our 50th anniversary. It is an interesting side to researching!

My husband and I were married 53 years ago today. There was snow on the ground, but it was warm enough that heavy winter coats were not needed. We had a simple ceremony with the reception held in the church reception rooms. My mother made my wedding dress, and the dress of my sister, who was my bridesmaid. I had a borrowed veil. We lived in an upstairs apartment next to the house of my husband's parents. My husband often walked to work which was about 2-3 blocks away.

My parents. Wayne Lance and Allene Werner, were married on June 30, 1939 at the home of my mother's parents near Sullivan, Ohio. My parents met through social functions at the high school.  My dad was six years older than my mother. They were married for 35 1/2 years when they divorced in 1977.

 = = = = =
My husband's parents, Robert S. Cheney and Edna Stineman, were married just over 44 years when Robert died in 1976. Robert was from Avon, Lorain County, Ohio and Edna was from the area of Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio. Bob liked to drive around in his car and ended up in Bucyrus many times where he met Edna working in the Woolworth's store. Bob and Edna eloped to Cumberland, Maryland to be married on October 28, 1931.
= = = = =
My father's parents, Vernon Lance and Flossie Wallington were married on December 24, 1907 and were married for over 64 years when Vernon died in 1972. This is the longest marriage.

My mother's parents, Edward Werner and Viola Pfeiffer,  were married on March 12, 1918 and were married for over just 44 years when Edward died in 1963.

My husband's paternal grandparents, Charles Cheney and Martha Stickney, were married on December 20, 1893 and were married for just over 58 years when Charles died in 1952.

My husband's maternal grandparents, Jacob Stineman and Kathryn Ferguson were married on February 21, 1895 and where married for 52 years when Jacob died in 1947.
= = = = =

The parents of Vernon Lance, Allen Lance and Catherine Hestand were married on June 10, 1883 and were married 31 years when Allen died of acute appendicitis in 1914.

The parents of  Allen Lance, John H. Lance and Sarah Lance were married on March 29, 1843 and were married for 40 years when John died in 1883.

The parents of John H. Lance, James I. Lance and Fanny Holmes were married on September 5, 1815 in Jefferson County, Ohio and were married for only 12 years when Fanny died in 1827.

The parents of James I. Lance, Christopher Lance and Sarah Johnson, (my 4th great-grandparents) were married on May 5, 1778 in Sussex County, NJ. They were married for 46 years when Christopher died in 1824 in Jefferson County, Ohio.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The parents of Flossie Wallington, Thomas Wallington and Elizabeth Halliwill, were married September 27, 1883 and were married for 21 years when Elizabeth died in 1904. This was a second marriage for both of them.

The parents of Elizabeth Halliwill, George Halliwill and Kezia Halliwill, were married on February 2, 1843 and were married for 47 years when George died in 1890. 

The parents of George Halliwill, John Halliwill and  Elizabeth Lance, were married on April 5, 1810 in Jefferson County, OH and were married just one month short of 50 years when John died in 1860.

The parents of Kezia Halliwill, William Halliwill and Elizabeth Cox, were married August 29, 1802 in Jefferson County, OH and were married for 53 years when William died in 1855.
* * * * *
The parents of Viola Pfeiffer were Henry Pfeiffer and Cora Benton. They were married April 26, 1892 and celebrated their 50th anniversary three months before Henry died in 1942.

Henry Pfeiffer's parents were Charles William (Karl Wilhelm) Pfeiffer and Sophia Ruegger. They were married May 24, 1859 and were married 48 years when Charles died in 1907.

Sophia Reugger's parents were George Michael (Michael George) Ruegger and Christina Steinle. They were married March 1, 1835 in Germany and had 47 years of marriage when Michael died in 1872.

Cora Benton's parents were William S. Benton and Louise Allice Kilmer who were married on December 5, 1867. This marriage had the biggest age difference between husband and wife. William was 46 at the time of the marriage (his first marriage) and Allice was only 16. William died suddenly in 1874 giving them only 7 years of marriage. Allice was pregnant with their 4th child when William died.
The parents of Charles Cheney were Reuben Cheney and Elizabeth Blanchett who were married on December 2, 1862 in Avon, OH. They were only married less than 5 years when Elizabeth died after giving birth to her second set of twins.

Elizabeth Blanchett's parents, Henry Howe Blanchett and Elizabeth Read, were married on December 24, 1829 in Portsea, England. They were married for 61 years when Elizabeth died in 1890 in Avon, Ohio.

The parents of Martha Stickney were Sidney Albin Stickney and Julia Margaret Goldsmith. They were married July 4, 1852 in Vermilion, Ohio. They were married for 55 years when Sidney died in 1917.

The parents of Julia Margaret Goldsmith were Isaac Goldsmith and Sarah Busch who were married about 1818 in Southhold, Long Island. Isaac died in 1861, giving them a marriage of about 43 years.married Feb

The parents of Sidney A. Stickney were Albin Stickney and Clarissa Moon. They were married on February 1, 1821 in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. They were married for 45 years when Clarissa died in 1866.

The parents of Jacob Stineman, Frederick Jacob Stineman and Elisabeth Spiegel, were married February 21, 1861 in Crawford County, Ohio. They were married for 29 years when Frederick died in 1890.

Elisabeth Spiegel's parents were George Spiegel and Barbara Schmucker who were married about 1836 in Germany. George died in 1877 giving them a marriage of about 40 years.

The parents of Kathryn Ferguson were John Ferguson and Caroline Wittle, who were married February 16, 1871. They were married 51 years when John died in 1922. 

Caroline Wittel's parents were Nicholas Wittel and Eliza Cragle who were married September 13, 1847. They were married 47 years when Nicholas died in 1894.

The parents of John Ferguson were James Ferguson and Mary Tooker who were married September 15, 1842. This is the shortest marriage as it was only 11 months when James died in an accident in 1843 less than 2 weeks before his son was born.

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