Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pictures and grandchildren

Today I was looking for a specific picture to be used in conjunction with my blog.  It was a picture of all the shoes of my grandchildren lined up under the kitchen sink as they came in the back door.  Of course, my pictures are not sorted, or in albums.  They are in boxes, envelopes and drawers.  Of course, there are also hundreds of them on my computers!  In the process of looking for one specific picture, I also ran across several pictures that I had completely forgotten about.  Now, what am I to do with all of these pictures?  How do I tell one newborn grandchild from another when they all looked alike!  Some of my pictures are labeled, but most of them are not.  I know, I must heed my own advice.  When I am speaking to groups, I admonish them, and myself, to go home and label the pictures that are sitting in drawers and boxes.  Do we want our precious photographs lost to time?  Quite a few years ago, my grandparents were preparing to go in to a nursing home.  My father had come from Arizona to help them sort through things in preparation for an auction.  One day, he came back to the house and informed me that he had had a huge bonfire that day.  When I asked what he had burned, he calmly said, "old pictures".  I was not doing genealogy at the time, but I felt a great personal loss.  When I asked why he would burn precious pictures, he said, "Well, they didn't have any names on them and I didn't know who they were."  Oh, how sad.  We could probably identify some of those today.  Is that the fate of our pictures - a fire, or the trash?  With the advent of digital pictures it is even more important to take the time to identify our pictures.  It is a simple matter of right clicking and renaming the image.  Is this on your "bucket list" of things to do?  It certainly is on mine.  I am seriously considering making CD's of each grandchild from birth to the present as gifts.  Shhhh!  Don't tell them - it's a surprise!

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