Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Step in Line

As the chair of numerous lineage societies, both at a county level and at the state level in Ohio, I would like to share useful hints for prospective lineage applicants.  There will also be other stories told here.  With ten grandchildren there is always a story to tell - or to leave behind!

I have been doing genealogy since 1998 when I decided to find the relationship of my father's parents.  They had always said they were 5th or 6th cousins, and I wanted to know exactly what it was!  After being guided in the right direction, and after only 24 hours, I was able to learn that my grandparents were true 3rd cousins.  Now, how cool is that to start your genealogy and get answers so quickly from out of state sources!  After that point, it seemed that I was destined to become the guardian of the family records.  Many different things came my way once I let it be known that I was doing genealogy.

A cousin on my mother's side gave me the framed marriage certificate of his grandparents, my great-grandparents.  Along with that, I was given custody of my great-grandmother's wedding nightgown made of a beautiful muslin with crochet trim; the family christening gown - that matched the wedding nightgown; and charcoal drawings of my great-grandparents that matched the pictures attached to their marriage certificate along with a charcoal drawing of my great-grandmother's father!  There was also a box of pictures handed to me that included the family of my great-grandfather's parents!  My great-grandfather was one of 8 children, and there were pictures of all of them in the box of pictures.  The best part was that somebody had actually taken the time to label all of the pictures!  How thoughtful of them!

I have been traveling a road of genealogy experiences and learning something new all the time.  I know that my journey is not complete down that ever twisting road and I'm still waiting to see where it will lead me.

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