Saturday, December 31, 2011

Loving Hands

As the old year comes to a close and a new one starts, I stop to think of how we have spent previous New Year's Eves.  From the time we were first married, we have not been "party" people but have preferred to stay at home.  When our children were growing up we always had our own party at home with punch for the kids, crackers, cheese, and all the other good snacks.  I always prepared the traditional pork and sauerkraut meal to eat at midnight.  We had the party hats and balloons and noisemakers.  Even the dog got a party hat.  One of our daughters continues that tradition with her family.  But now, her children are becoming teenagers and they want to do other things on this special night of the year.

This past holiday season, I made a special effort to take pictures of the hands of my family.  I have seen this done and thought it was such a touching gesture.  I'm not sure yet what I will be doing with these prints, but I am thinking of making large photos for each family to hang on their wall.  Since we did not have our traditional full family gathering this year, I had to take the pictures in segments.  I am hoping for a full gathering by the end of January.

This picture represents 3 generations:  myself, my daughter, and her daughters.

This is my son's family
This is our youngest daughter's family
This is our oldest daughter's family

 This is my sister's family with 5 generations.  This includes my father, my brother, my sister, her son, her son's daughters and granddaughters.

What have these hands done over the years?  My father's hands will be 98 years old in two more days.  His hands were the hands of a farmer, a machinist, a balloon maker, a musician, a son, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather.  His hands were those of a craftsman who liked to build things.

Our hands are important parts of the rest of us.  I too was a musician and  a person who likes to craft and make things.  I like to type and record events.    My sister also follows those traits in her own way by taking care of other family's children.  My brother has been in construction and also is interested in music.  

Our own children were musical and crafty.  One daughter uses her hands to feed the animals on her farm and take care of them.  Our son uses his hands to paint houses.  The other daughter uses her hands to keep baseball scores.  

What DO we use our hands for?  We use them to communicate with each other; we use them to touch and show love to one another; we use them to eat and nourish ourselves.  

Be thankful for the loving hands that have touched you in your lifetime for whatever reason.  

Happy New Year 


  1. Sweet idea...especially for the holidays. Loved seeing the five-generation picture. Good thoughts on what those hands can do, what they mean to others.

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