Thursday, December 8, 2011

This past week I worked tirelessly and furiously to finish up the lineage applications for my husband.  I wanted his family in Settlers and Builders of Ohio and in the Society for Civil War Families of Ohio.  As I mentioned earlier, the relationship documentation for SCWFO is tentative at best.  However, it has been submitted  in the best manner I could present the application.  It will now be up to the judge of that society to approve or disapprove the application. 

For SBO, I only submitted my husband's paternal lines for this initial application.  Since I can add supplemental ancestors in the future at no additional charge, I chose this method so that he would have certificates for his maternal and paternal lines.  Next year I will try to submit his mother's line.  That particular line will take more researching and finding more documentation to get back as far as I'd like to go with that line.

Eventually, I will submit his ancestors that qualify for FFO (First Families of Ohio). 

Most people would start with the hardest application first.  That is what I did for my own lines.  However if you are uncertain of how to begin the process, start with the easiest application you can do first.  In the case of the Ohio Genealogical Society, that would be with Century Families of Ohio as you are proving ancestors that resided in Ohio between 1861 and 100 years prior to the current year.  The proof documents are much easier to find, as a rule, for this time frame.

You still have time to submit your lineage applications for 2011.  They must be postmarked by December 31 to be eligible for induction at the 2012 conference in Cleveland, Ohio.

Your ancestor may not have been rich or famous, but they certainly contributed in some way to the growth and prosperity for the state of Ohio.

I hope to see your application soon!


  1. How exciting that you are nearly at your goal! It's actually very encouraging to me to read what you are doing, and your suggestion to take the easiest step first. My husband's mother qualifies him to be part of First Families of Ohio, but I'm really stuck obtaining bona fide verification of that first generation's whereabouts. Doing the less stringent category first makes sense and would still be encouraging as an "accomplishment."

  2. I hope to complete an application for at least First Families next year. I won't make the deadline this year so I'm relaxing until after the holidays. Hopefully I'll find the proof I need for another one or two as well. Thanks for a great post! Congratulations on submitting it!